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Atonement for Life

Interview with Yoshiyuki Ishizaki

TEPCO Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters Representative

In January 2013, following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, TEPCO set up the Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters at J-Village football fields in the town of Hirono. Their mission was to carry out recovery operations including the handling of residents' compensation and land decontamination as swiftly as possible closer to the frontlines of the accident (the headquarters have since moved to Tomioka Town). Yoshiyuki Ishizaki took on the role of the operation's first representative, and will be retiring tomorrow on June 23.

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A Place To Be Together
Search Goes On For Missing Daughter


 With the arrival of autumn, the yellow Canada goldenrod which once covered the area has wilted away, covering the tsunami swept Kumakawa district of Okuma, Fukushima in an unsightly brown color. There is no sound other than the occasional whistling of the wind or the waves crashing against the broken seawall. Amid the bleak scenery, the sole figure of Norio Kimura trudges on, hoe in hand. Entry into the area is strictly limited due to the nuclear fallout, but he has been searching like this for more than four years to find the daughter robbed away by the tsunami waves.

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Nepal Earthquake
May 10, 2015

Returning to the Village

Katsurao Village, Fukushima

Evacuation Orders Are Lifted

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Aso   Living Alongside Nature 2

8 months from the Kumamoto Earthquake
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Aso   Living Alongside Nature

Kumamoto Earthquake
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At Least At Home

Entire Village of Iitate Evacuated
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The Village Disappeared

Nepal Earthquake 3
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A Chance to Say Thank You
Nepal Earthquake 2
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A City In Ruins

Nepal Earthquake 1
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A Place To Be Together
Search Goes On For Missing Daughter
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Omedeto, Only For Two 

Father Celebrates Dead Daughter's Graduation,Continues Search For Missing Son
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Summer of Remembrance
Bon Festival Four Years After
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Like My Own Children

Date city, Fukushima Ampo Persimmons of Isazawa
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Overcoming Hardship and Into the Fields
The Fourth Soma Wild Horse Chase in Soma Fukushima
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Claiming Back the Scenic Land

Fukushima Rice Farmers' Stubborn Grit
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People Are Wasted Too

Protesting From Fukushima, Cow In Tow
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Keeping the Tradition Alive

Reviving the Kagura After the Disaster
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Still The Flowers Bloom

The Yonomori Cherry Blossoms of Tomioka Fukushima
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The Disappearing Labyrinth
The Old City Of Kashgar
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